Meant to be…

I do believe in fate, i do.  But now a days I also believe that its up to us, to show up and make things meant to be.  whether its with your dreams, goals, love or a job…  just show up and just try.  then trust & believe that the outcome is for the best.  Trust that the outcome is meant to be…



Inspo Post #23 – Giving & Receiving

‘you cant receive it if you dont give it’ –  it’s really that simple. Whatever it is you want in your life, be sure to give it first. So often though we complain about why its so hard to find a guy/girl, why its so hard to fall in love, why ‘so and so’ arnt’t treating us right? Doing that is not going to help. It leads to us act in unpleasant way, therefore unpleasant energy and events  is what we’ll receive back!

We have to ask ourselves, are we giving love when we go out there?  Are we treating others right? Or are we just bitching and complaining the whole time? And by  giving love,  it’s all a bout positive actions, words, and most importantly thoughts! Also staying open minded and being accepting to new things.   If  our frame of mind is negative, we’ll see the world thru negative muggy light.  Plus all the whining and complaining is not gonna help you attract anything great now is it? It’s better to go out there, smile, start believing and doing, just a little bit each day.  Whether you want to find love, find a good job, get fit, or enjoy life, have positive genuine feelings bout those things, and I’m sure they will come. Even if its slowly, it will come surely.

I know this post was a bit long, but I’ve been reading the ‘Power of the Secret’ and it just clicked last nite. I’m gonna go out there and give lots of love too! Get ready, a hug may soon be coming to you! ;)

Xx, Yours!


Inspo Post #18 – Adam Yauch

Ahhh what an amazing quote by Adam Yauch ‘MCA’- be yourself, if your not harming anyone then what’s stopping you? He’s one of the best energetic creatively smart  rappers of all time. RIM Adam Yauch…you’re awesome!

‘I like my sugar with coffee and cream’ – a line by from Beastie Boys I’ll never forget!

Peace & Love


Happy Songkran! Thai New Yrs!

Perfect message to start the new year!

Happy Songkran to my fellow thais and anyone who just enjoys the holiday.  Songkran is thai new years, and for me personally I cant wait to start fresh and new.  The past couple of months hasn’t been that peachy, but its the tough times in life that builds character, makes u stronger, better and appreciate all the little things so much more! I hope everyone has a great songkran.  Its time get to splashed with water and wash the shit from the last year behind. And its just time to have fun! For those partaking in the water festival, have a blast! As for me Im gonna vege out, hang with the relatives and eat (I swear my diet will begin after!)

Peae & So much LOVE!

Yours, Diane

Happiness – Inspo Post #8

I used to think that happiness depends merely on events, situations and people in your life . As true as that may be, we shouldnt rely on these things to make us happy. True happiness depends on YOU and the quality of your thoughts.  

Lets say you’re out at a hoppin party, but there’s someone you dont want to see there.  Maybe they’re rude, sarcastic, bitchy or something… Your worried and nervous about seeing them, so negative thoughts form regarding this person. This can rob you of the joy you should be having now don’t it?  Instead, why not choose to enjoy yourself and pay attention to the other wonderful things going on (like that cute guy/girl who just walked in the door!)  Continue to be the happy cool cat you are!  That other person doesnt control how much fun you can be having, its up to you!

My above example about a ‘party’ really wasnt that deep…apologies!  The point is, we all go through difficult experiences in ours lives but we can choose to see the brighter side of things! Focusing on the negative wont help us, in fact it will only hurt. (Trust me I know). We cant control other people, we cant control certain situations, but we can control ourselves!  Choose happiness, and once you do you’ll attract even more positive vibes and people into your life too.

Wishing you all a happy day :)

Peace & Love



Words to live by…

“Accept ppl for how they really are (instead of how you wish they were) and you wont end up getting disappointed” Or at least you’ll handle the situations better when they do/say something to annoy you.  Word!

“Set out in to the world trying to help yourself, and you inevitably end up helping everyone” –  I think this one is specially so damn beautiful and true.  And for those who read Eat Pray Love, you might recognise this quote from the book!

These are the words I’m trying to live by anyway, and maybe they may affect you in a positive way as well.  Anyways I must be off now folks, got so much to do before the whole fam bam comes over for another night of debauchery.  Hope you all have a great Friday!

Peace & Love,

Yours Truly

Quotes & Typography…

Sharing these Beautiful Typography that I’ve collected over the years.  The quotes and words for each image are pretty inspiring.  According to my previous post, guess thats the kind of mood im in! Feast you eyes and mind…

Quotes & Beautiful Typography

How can u not smile after seeing this?

Mike Giant

Always tell your inner artist this…!

I’ve once been told ‘ your strange in a perfect way’ – so i guess thats good…?

So Beautiful!

I’ve started doing this, ppl actually smile back if you look their way long enough :)

The Women

‘Words are things, and a small drop of  ink, falling like dew’

Incredible & So True – Theres So many ways to look at 1 thing

Rumi Neely if your reading this, its my msg to you! :)

‘I dreamt that I can paint u with words, but theres were no color bright enough, black or white enough, blue of green’ – Mos Def


Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.  Anyways im off to Samui this weekend, so expect to be seeing many Stupendous Snaps when im back!

Be good peepx!


Yours Truly




Beautiful images to inspire us and bring the moods right up…here are just some of my personal favorites…Enjoy


Steve Powers says it best…



Beautiful Photography


I think so too!




Love love love…

Be you

‘if you were here i’d be home’

and try and try

Dali <3

Let your hair down & let it blow the wind for a while…

Black and white and nights and lights

Playfulness is Sexy!

and always in trend

Funky Chunky Jewelry, Something else thats always in trend

Remember to

always smile!

Have a good week everyone!

Peace & Love!





Fave Art…

Boogie Exhibit – Beautiful Pic

Nice Quote

Japanese Artist Que Houxo

Always love…

another cool photo

Great Style, and that bike!

Photo Shoot I did of Ranjene (one of my muse!)

Reebok HK

Do it!!! at least try ;)




So true!

How life should be…

Absolute man photo spread- i just love his hair!

Chase what you love, love what you chase

By David Choe

One of the best photos ever

Something new,

Reebok Canvas

Sky’s the limit!

Guy Bourdin



Balloon girl, always hope – by Banksy


Come midnite and yours truly is wide awake. Now when its midday and im running around or gettin work done, i feel sluggish and sleepy as… Must be the December thing. With all the events and festivities, people’s body clock get out of whack.  Well since Im up I decided to clean out my desktop.  Found these amazing images and words in my ‘fave art’ folder and wanted to share. Hope you Enjoy!


Peace & Love

Yours Truly