Annie & Jasmine

 Models: Annie & Jasmine

Mua: Sumati Bajaj

Photography: Yours, Diane Piroon

Last month I did a studio shoot for Annie and Jasmine. Two adorable teenagers looking to start modeling.  After taking a few sets, we blasted music from One Direction (their favorite) and told the girls to just dance, have fun and go crazy.  Was such a fun shoot and they made me feel like a teenager again!


Alex – Photo Shoot

Photographer: Yours, Diane Piroon

Model: Alex Fang

Stylist: Fang and myself

For photo shoot bookings feel free to contact me at:  :)

I’ve know this lad since we were 10! And now look at him! For me to start taking photos of him while he tries to pose without breaking into fits of laughter was hard for both of us!  Was such a fun day, and I got treated to a buffet dinner at oishi afterwards! Thanks buddy!

Enjoy the photos!



Ft in

Secret Garden shoot on the top right


Secret Garden Photo Shoot I did with Lianne ft in!!!  Next to so many other fabulous designers, photographers, fashion photos/ads/editorial work in general!  I’m pretty happy and excited as you can tell from all the exclamation marks!!! Next Italian Vogue…ok ok wishful thinking…

Hope you guys enjoy the photos, be sure to click on the link and view more!  Also wishing everyone a merry x mas and stay healthy during the holidays!  Xox

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