Daniel M @ Area Management

Model: Daniel M @ Area Mangement

Photographer: Yours Truly

Location: Bkk Condo

After planning this shoot about 100 times (ok maybe 10, but thats still a lot!) we finally got the chance to meet up and snap these pics.  Surrounded by night city lights while feeling the Thai winter breeze, this shoot was so enjoyable.  Not to mention Daniel’s definitely a cool cat and a lot much fun to work with

Hope you guyx enjoy the photos!

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test test 1, 2, 3

did a few test shoots in the past week, here’s just a sneak. Hope you guys like it.  Got the chance to play around with lighting for these two sets.  Always fun to experiment and improve them skills right!

Photo 1

Model: Daniel M @Area Mangement, Bangkok

Photo 2

Model: Lily N @Area Management Bangkok

Photog: Me :)

N Thkx to the lovely models for rocking it!



Aussie Diary

Perth & Melbourne March 2011

1.Swan Lake’s Sand Bar, Perth   2.ppl sitting and eating by the dumpsters in Degrave St, Melbourne   3. Lucy and Allen the newlyweds   4.My hand holding Kristo’s   5.Flowers in front of Kristo’s house   6.Organic banana muffines baked by yours truly!   7.Screen Print Shirt I made for Kristo   8.K driving   9.myself and K dancing on the pier, perth   10.Beautiful Perth at night   11.me on the phone at melbourne central   12.Perth harbor lights   13.bread & olive oil   14.Photobooth Love   15. amazing performers for Japans Victim appeal, Perth  16.Sneak peak of Trisha & Filippo’s wedding shoot!

Photo by: Yours Truly & Kristo (except for the photobooth one!)

The last pic is a sneak peak of Trisha’s and Filippos Wedding. More pics will soon come.  Currently my mac is not working and I need to get a new battery for it! Its way expensive to order and also expensive to buy in bkk, which is why i’m waitn for a new one from my cuz when he gets back from chicago. Stay tuned for the photos!

Peace & Love,


Black & White & Grays….

Turning any photo into a black and white one automatically makes it ‘cooler’, dont you think?  Often I modify pics into B&Ws (lets not forget the gray too), and the whole perception of the photo can change drastically.  Here’s a few I edited below. Some were taken by me,  some were by friends, some were by strangers who agreed to take pics for us while posed and say chizu!


Bar in Bk

Photoshoot I did of Wang

Photo by Paul – Wearing BF Jeans

Dancing & Embracing

amazing painting by my brothers friend, kate

Heart – n this pic was actually taken from a BB!

Favorite Converse

Ranjene Shoot by the Train Tracks…

Random Night Snaps

Resting up after Dancing it Up!

The Shoot I Did of the 3 Bros

Girl with Nice hair!

Walking down spiraling stairs…

Dancing like no ones watching

N more dancing, n fun having!


Well I hope you guys enjoyed them! :)


Yours Truly



Samet Snaps

Snaps of Samet Jan 2011, from my New Canon Rebel XS!

Kristo Deep in tought

Beach Essentials

Shores of thailand

Coconut Mmmmm

Change of Colors…

Tie Dye Sarong


Night Light

Rows of Beach Restaurants

Samet Christmas Tree

Hope you Enjoyed the Snaps and also had a great holiday everyone.  Now its back to work time, back to the grind!

Have a good week!

Peace & Love



None Generic Couple Pics

As much as I love  those couple pics, you know…. the ones where you and your significant other look into the camera and say ‘Cheese!’ I wanted to do something a bit different and funky!  So here are some of the snaps K and I came up with.  I hope you enjoy these photos and maybe get inspired to grab your sig. other and snap away! All you need is an SLR!

By the way today is Kristo’s bday so I thought this post is appropriate!  Happy bday Love!  And whoever else is born on this day, happy bday to you too!

Have an amazing week everyone!


Yours Truly

Ok the first pic is not that original. More creative ones below…..!

Realities & Quantum Physics Theories….

‘Melbourne City Lights’

(This photos is on sale at Uma Art on Etsy!)

If quantum physics theorists are right and all the possibilities of our lives are being lived out simultaneously (were just existing in one of the realities), this means that another Me (and You) could be existing in the picture above now.   I snapped this photo a few years ago while leisurely strolling through Melbourne City.  A place I love dearly and consider a second home.  At times I wonder what it would be like if I decided to stay in Melbourne after Uni and didnt come back to Thailand…

We have moments where we wish we were  living somewhere else, doing something else, and  dare I say… some of us even wish we were with someone else (and maybe we are!)  But with that being said, we  really have to do the best with what we have now, and make our dreams become true in this reality!

Anyways….thats just what I’ve been thinking bout lately and felt like sharing. But I have to be off now folks.  Its time to go create some art!

Peace! Xo,

From Yours Truly