Lost Photos from Girl with an Edge Shoot

 Model: Victoria Leonardo

MUA: Swanti Sethi

Photographer: Diane Piroon

Having used two memories cards for the ‘Girl with an Edge’ shoot I did several months ago, I  found these ones today!  Anyways pls enjoy! And you can view the rest of the photos from this set at Fashionising.com  Girl with an Edge 

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Cool Cat Sessions: Lilly Ngyn

Lilly Ngyn @ Area Management, Bangkok. Photography by Diane Piroon 

Introducing our cool cat of the week….

Introduce yourself: My name is Lilly, I’m 19 and cool (as she touches up on her makeup)

Describe yourself in 3 words: Crazy, energetic, eat-aholic

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Having kids, joking. Being a grandmother, also joking… Being like Sponge Bob! Actually I see myself doing many things, and rich!

What are you doing now? I’m a model and Student

If you could change something bout yourself  it would be? Wish I was more into School

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Ice cream or chocolate? Ice cream

Basketball or Soccer? Yoga

Japanese or Thai food? Japanese cause I love Sushi

What 3 things do you look for in ideal partner? This is tough…Healthy, likes food, friendly

Finish this sentence, ‘Im a cool cat because’….  (Silence as she looks out the window… ) ‘Because im uninhibited’

Finish this sentence, ‘Diane is a cool cat b/c’….  ‘She is a bad ass mofo!’ (what?!)

The most awkward moment you’ve experience? Telling someone I would deflate their….

Finish this sentence, ‘I like modeling because’….more silence

And there ya have it! Our fun lil quirky interview over vegetarian thai food, and a photo session in some parking lot.  I’ll be doing shoots and more interviews with Cool Cats a couple times a month so stay tuned!  We hoped you enjoyed it and of course enjoyed the photos as well.  Again like most of my style while shooting, there is very minimal editing, and I like it to be as organic (just like food). By the way  Isn’t Lilly just silly and so beautiful? Love that!

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Yours, Di

Beauty Shots for Haneen

Haneen Perfume Ad, Dubai

Model: Benish Paracha

MUA: Hilde Johansen

Photog: Yours, Diane Piroon

Shots from the Haneen Perfume ad I photographed months ago.  1 day, 3 different looks, and great fun on set! Enjoy :)

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Decoded Look Book Shoot!

Here’s a photo from the Decoded Look Book I shot a few months ago!  Awesome street style clothing for him and her.  Store location is just in Platinum Mall, Bangkok. Check out their facebook Here DECODED

I’ll be posted more images soon!


Natural light natural beauty – Photo Shoot

Natural Light Natural Beauty Shoot

Photographer: Yours, Diane Piroon

Model: Victoria Summer Leonardo

MUA: Swant Make Up by Swaness

More to come! Honestly nothing more I love then Natural light and finding hidden spots to with the perfect shadows to snap some photos.  Of course the Mua and Model were amazing!


Diane <3

Uma Jewelry & Pavni Shoot – Ft in Fashionising.com

To see more from the Shoot and from  Uma & Pavni’s collection Click HERE 

The shoot I did for Uma Jewlery & Pavni Collaboration Work.  So stoked to  see my 2nd shoot  up on  Fashionising! And this time my Jewelry Line too!  Shout out to the amazing girls I worked with that day! You guys are amazing…