Meant to be…

I do believe in fate, i do.  But now a days I also believe that its up to us, to show up and make things meant to be.  whether its with your dreams, goals, love or a job…  just show up and just try.  then trust & believe that the outcome is for the best.  Trust that the outcome is meant to be…


Couples Shoot Month! <3

Since Valentines day is coming and its the month of love, chocolates, flowers, candy… I thought it be appropriate to put together a little compilation of  couples shoot i’ve done!

Couples Shootby Diane Piroon
Bangkok Photographer

Couples Shoot
by Diane Piroon

Couples shoot DSC_1354DSC_1378

IMG_4083 image_2 TD4 TD6 IMG_3310 IMG_3237 IMG_3226 TD 9 DSC_4378 IMG_2093 IMG_3216 205979_246870505344477_7179298_n

Hope you guys enjoyed these pics!

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2012 Photo Shoot Recap!


muse shootMuse Hotel Life Style Test Shoot

ohsosweet Uma Jewelry Look Book Shoot

421986_524707142677_1313767268_nSelf Portraits taken at beginning of the year after dying my hair from a heart break! Im all good now so yay :)

edge Girl with an Edge Shoot ft in

soft1 Natural Light Natural Beauty Shoot

pink My Breast Friend – Breast Cancer Shoot

bebe Pregnant Glow Snap with my Friend Bebe

sun Fun Sun kissed Best Friends Shoot in SG!

dj Sips & Nibbles Event, Ambar

cool Cool Cat Sessions With Lilly!

IMG_2956 Jasmine Shoot – Portfolio Updates

IMG_2249 Engagement Dinner Snaps

IMG_3822 Some Restaurant Review Pics

IMG_3833 and some more Restaurant Review Pics

IMG_3237 IMG_3310 Couples Shoot

IMG_3494  Test shooting with my Fave Model and great friend Lilly – we both love Yoga!IMG_3621 Test Shoot with Kyle S. from Area Management – One of the nicest and coolest models I’ve worked with!

IMG_4165 Pilates shoot in the park with Caitlin

559300_432778703420322_1786117224_n Hippy inspired shoot for Uma Jewelry

576606_415867228444803_513879131_n Look Book Shoot for Decoded Fashion Label

So I got to work with and collaborated with amazing friends, models, makeup artist, clients…looking forward to more photo taking in 2013!!!

Happy New Year! :)



Lilly & Steffen Couples Shoot

models couples shoot

models couples shoot

IMG_3216 IMG_3237 IMG_3270 IMG_3310 IMG_3331 IMG_3337 IMG_3339

Couples shoot I did of these two love birds.  They happen to be models and also two of my very awesome friends.  We had such a blast that day and lets just say from these photos their chemistry is blazing!

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Hope you like this setting! and sorry for being MIA i’ve been busy, but busy in a good way! also happy happy holidays to everyone!


A Beautiful Function

On Monday my friend Sarina asked me to do a shoot of an Indian Prayer Ceremony followed by a dinner function with her family.  It was such a beautiful event, and I must say everyone is looking so lovely and oh so happy! Here are a few snaps :)

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Love love!


Inspo Pot# 18 – Learn & Let Go

If the past was hurting you so much, you have to let it go. Especially if it has to do with a relationship. I know it takes time, so take all the time you need.  Learn from it, be better from it, try not to get bitter from it.  Its hard to let go cause hope is part of human nature. But once you do, something/someone better will come along.  I promise!

This is a very significant post for me.  For those who knew what happened today exactly 4 months ago,  you what I’m talking bout!  Though i’ll wont go into much detail, I still never thought i’d blog something so personal!  With 70 billion ppl in the world though, I thought what the hell! There must be others going thru the same thing and can relate! Tis life my friends!  I’ve decided today to let it all go though. Instead of having hope for the past to be a part of my life again,  my hope is now for better things in the future! Looking forwards and still believing. I hope you do the same :)

Peace & so much Love!


Fashion x Lifestyle

 Fashion x Life Style at Hotel Muse

Photographer: Yours :) Diane Piroon

Models: Jennifer Lo & Jake Egginton 

MUAs: Sumati Baja & Sajinee

Women’s Clothing: PAVNI & YUNA

Jewelry:  Uma Jewelry

Hope these photos make you guys get the urge to grab your significant other, go hang out at Hotel Muse, have an amazing time, and look fabulous while do so!  Jake and Jen did a great job and we all actually had so much fun on the shoot.  Laughters all around! Fashion can be intertwined with any kind of shoots, specially lifestyle (something I definately want to get into more!) So if you’re looking for a lifestyle photographer, you know who to contact! ;)


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Peace & Love


Thee Most Important Things :)

My work for Uma Jewelry & Photography – gotta love what you do!  I’ve learned that no matter how hard you try, sometimes u gotta step back and let fate play its role. I have faith in fate!  This one is just awesome! Yes YOU look beautiful today :)  One of my Fave quotes. Sometimes you gotta go thru hard times to appreciate beauty that’s on the other side :)  Friends, dunno what we’d do without each other!  A cool kind of love!  I’m talking daisies for valentines day type stuff ;) in times of doubt believe in 1 reason why it would work, and you’ll see so many more reasons that followOften we dwell on what could have been, but enjoying living today and always look forward ;)
 and of course the fam bam. though we all annoy each other at times you gotta love them!

Its the 2nd day of Thai New Years and I’m  giving myself a reminder of the most important things in life.  Some of them may apply to you too, but I’m sure it varies depending on different people.  I’m not usually one to start new things and start thinking positively just because its a ‘new year’; but coincidently it falls at the perfect time for me! Hope everyone had a wonderful Songrkran, and always remember what’s important to YOU!

Peace &Love <3


Chance, breath, believe – Inspo #15

Its always better to find out an answer then to keep wondering.  So take a chance!  And once you do I know it could be overwhelming, so just breath. Most importantly remember that no matter the outcome, always believe that everything happens for a reason.  And always always believe its for the best.

Again i’ve delved into personal experience with this one.  Something I had to ask someone in order to get  some answers. And yes I got my answer! Though it wasnt the one I hoped for, the chance I took cleared my mind. It overwhelmed me at first so I did some yoga and just breathed.  Despite the outcome,  I 100% believe its for the best :) So what was it all about you ask? Hmmmm….


Yours Truly!

Fight for Love – Inspo Post #11

Over dinner the other night I had a great conversation with my friend Steve.  He’s a spiritual one and  definately has a ‘sensei’ vibe about him.  As the topic of love and relationships came up I told him my story… he said the words that I’v been needing  to hear for the longest time, ‘Fight for what you love’. Some people may tell you to let it go….but if its truly what you want and you know it will make you happy, fight for it.  No matter what the outcome ( I hope its a positive one!), at least you’ll know you gave it your all. I know it could be scary.  I know it could be risky. But wouldn’t it be worth it  instead of just wondering? :)

Anyways I hope everyone had a amazing weekend!

Peace & so much Love,