Valentines Week

hearts, love, valentine, girl, black and white photoHappy Valentines Week Everyone!  And remember Everyday can be the 14th!


Yours Truly


Art by Heart

I know that sometimes as artists we dont make that much moolah. We have good months, so so months, and sometimes we just need to pay the rent while living off meegorang.  We might wish  we had the math skills to work in finance and get the big buck, but thats not who we are.  We make art as a living because its what we love, its in our heart, soul, and every cell of our body. Finding our way to success may not be easy, but what’s worth having never is.   Keep doing what u love, keep believing, be genuine and good things will happen.  I mean come on, we all know how good it feels when someone comes up to us and says ‘hey, your work rocks!’

this is too my fellow artists our there, photographers, designers, painters, writers, creators…you know who you are!

Peace  & Love


None Generic Couple Pics

As much as I love  those couple pics, you know…. the ones where you and your significant other look into the camera and say ‘Cheese!’ I wanted to do something a bit different and funky!  So here are some of the snaps K and I came up with.  I hope you enjoy these photos and maybe get inspired to grab your sig. other and snap away! All you need is an SLR!

By the way today is Kristo’s bday so I thought this post is appropriate!  Happy bday Love!  And whoever else is born on this day, happy bday to you too!

Have an amazing week everyone!


Yours Truly

Ok the first pic is not that original. More creative ones below…..!