Anandita – Fashion Shoot

A black and white shot I took from the fashion Shoot last Sunday. I especially love this one because all the 4 girls are looking naturally beautiful and having so much fun! This is just a sneak Peak but there’s a lot more photos to come. So stay tuned…

PS: it was the first time I ever shot photos of 4 models/people at once. Was it challenging? Yes. Will I do it again? Hells Yeah! Who doesn’t like a good fun challenge right?  I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit from this shoot. Next time I’ll do a shoot of 14 models at once  if u want!

Peace & Love


What makes a Great Photo?

While looking at yesterday I came across this article on ‘what makes a photo great?’

So what makes you like a certain photo more then others? Is it because of the person in the photo? What they are wearing? The photographer? Or is it the certain mood it creates and captures.

To me all the above factors are important and make a photo good,  however the ‘mood‘ is what makes the photo great! Pretty pictures are taken all the time.  There’s a beautiful subject with a  beautiful smile.  But what more is this photo saying? What kind of personality do the subjects have or what are they portraying? What are they feeling and thinking?  How does the environment and setting contribute to the what they are doing?

Photography isnt just about capturing what you see literally.  But it really is  more then that and  it has to make  the viewers feel a certain emotion while looking at it.  Basically it really does have to capture a certain mood ;)

I took this photo of Lily in between takes of the previous shoot we did.  She was just playing around with the scarfs we had and draped it over half her face as seen above.  To me this picture shows a girl whose mysterious but yet so alluring and fun!  Her eyes does the talking in this picture! Anyways I hope you guys like it…