Color Splatter on the Face!

Last month I hopped in front of the lens and got photographed by a talented young photographer Meio.  The Makeup Artist (also young and talented) was Flora DK.  Usually I’m the one snapping pics, so it was a different experience  (one I enjoyed). Flora came up  with funky looks for the shoot. We did three sets; nude makeup look, color splatter, and color splatter being smeared all over my face. It was amazingly fun, different & challenging experience.

From this shoot I realized that doing ‘beauty shots’ or ‘head shots’ are NOT easy.  Trying to ‘Smize’ and convey feelings only thru your eyes aint simple as it looks peeps.  Being quite animated by nature and not being able to move around in this shoot, was a damn difficult for me.  For those who think Models have an easy breezy job, think again!  Now when I step back behind the lens (where I belong) I’ll know more bout how a model feels and will be able to give better tips/pointers etc.  Great learning knowledge indeed…

Above’s a sneak peak from one of the finished shots.  Meio and Flrora, thanks again!  I love the uniqueness you guys bring!

Peace & love



None Generic Couple Pics

As much as I love  those couple pics, you know…. the ones where you and your significant other look into the camera and say ‘Cheese!’ I wanted to do something a bit different and funky!  So here are some of the snaps K and I came up with.  I hope you enjoy these photos and maybe get inspired to grab your sig. other and snap away! All you need is an SLR!

By the way today is Kristo’s bday so I thought this post is appropriate!  Happy bday Love!  And whoever else is born on this day, happy bday to you too!

Have an amazing week everyone!


Yours Truly

Ok the first pic is not that original. More creative ones below…..!