Couples Shoot Month! <3

Since Valentines day is coming and its the month of love, chocolates, flowers, candy… I thought it be appropriate to put together a little compilation of  couples shoot i’ve done!

Couples Shootby Diane Piroon
Bangkok Photographer

Couples Shoot
by Diane Piroon

Couples shoot DSC_1354DSC_1378

IMG_4083 image_2 TD4 TD6 IMG_3310 IMG_3237 IMG_3226 TD 9 DSC_4378 IMG_2093 IMG_3216 205979_246870505344477_7179298_n

Hope you guys enjoyed these pics!

If you and your significant other would like to book a couples shoot pls email:



2012 Photo Shoot Recap!


muse shootMuse Hotel Life Style Test Shoot

ohsosweet Uma Jewelry Look Book Shoot

421986_524707142677_1313767268_nSelf Portraits taken at beginning of the year after dying my hair from a heart break! Im all good now so yay :)

edge Girl with an Edge Shoot ft in

soft1 Natural Light Natural Beauty Shoot

pink My Breast Friend – Breast Cancer Shoot

bebe Pregnant Glow Snap with my Friend Bebe

sun Fun Sun kissed Best Friends Shoot in SG!

dj Sips & Nibbles Event, Ambar

cool Cool Cat Sessions With Lilly!

IMG_2956 Jasmine Shoot – Portfolio Updates

IMG_2249 Engagement Dinner Snaps

IMG_3822 Some Restaurant Review Pics

IMG_3833 and some more Restaurant Review Pics

IMG_3237 IMG_3310 Couples Shoot

IMG_3494  Test shooting with my Fave Model and great friend Lilly – we both love Yoga!IMG_3621 Test Shoot with Kyle S. from Area Management – One of the nicest and coolest models I’ve worked with!

IMG_4165 Pilates shoot in the park with Caitlin

559300_432778703420322_1786117224_n Hippy inspired shoot for Uma Jewelry

576606_415867228444803_513879131_n Look Book Shoot for Decoded Fashion Label

So I got to work with and collaborated with amazing friends, models, makeup artist, clients…looking forward to more photo taking in 2013!!!

Happy New Year! :)



A Beautiful Function

On Monday my friend Sarina asked me to do a shoot of an Indian Prayer Ceremony followed by a dinner function with her family.  It was such a beautiful event, and I must say everyone is looking so lovely and oh so happy! Here are a few snaps :)

For photography bookings or enquires pls contact me at :

Love love!


Be Funky Photo Love

this is what I spent the past hr doing…playing with different effects on photos of K & I.   chill sunday nite…

 (why Im biting a cassette tape in the last photo, I dont know…!)

all photos snapped by us

Hope everyone’s enjoying sunday!


18th – with Sepia Tone Loving

It was our 18th month anni the other day (yes I  still keep track like that!) I spent the day evacuating my neighborhood here in Bangkok due to the floods, and K spent it on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no phone or internet.  Happy anni to us!!!

Photo was taken by a canon that I put on timer.  It was snapped  before he had to leave (and go back on the boat) last month.

Hoping you and your significant other are staying safe and dry our there!

Peace & <3


Simply Pleasures – Postcards from Perth

Postcards From Perth

After my recent trip to Perth, I realize more and more that it’s the simple things in life that matter most.  Of course we are aware of this concept but at times too busy to appreciate it.  It’s all about the chai lattes in life, cuddles, cooking, staying in when its cold outside, laughing uncontrollably with your mates (or with whoever for that matter), flowers, comfortable silences, anyways you get my drift!  So with that being said, I hope you look around and appreciate the simple pleasures that surround you.  Perhaps at your lunch break try to really enjoy the taste of that meal on your plate, or take a few seconds to smell the flowers (even if the flowers are on your co-workers desk and not yours) ;)

Peace & Love

Yours Truly


12 photos for 12 months…

‘Pursue your interests, cause even if I’m ticket-less, I’ll be there by your side, on your heart, in your mind’

Hope your all feeling the love today, specially from the royal wedding.  Coincidentally my anni falls on the exact same day…

(all photos taken by us, except the 2nd one)

Peace & Love,

Yours Truly


“Your heart and Mind, you’ve got to follow it

Smile, happiness you can model it

and when you feel opposite,

I just want you to know, your whole being is beautiful”

Dedicating these beautiful words to the boy. Feeling a little sappy tonight, hence the post!

By the way I will edit photos of Last week’s Uma Jewelry shoot soon, and will post photos of another shoot I did last week of a gorgeous designer! So stay tuned. Also Happy Songkran (thai new years) to everyone who celebrates it!

PS: I’m thinking of moving over to blogspot…still not sure yet but well see…


Yours Truly

Aussie Diary

Perth & Melbourne March 2011

1.Swan Lake’s Sand Bar, Perth   2.ppl sitting and eating by the dumpsters in Degrave St, Melbourne   3. Lucy and Allen the newlyweds   4.My hand holding Kristo’s   5.Flowers in front of Kristo’s house   6.Organic banana muffines baked by yours truly!   7.Screen Print Shirt I made for Kristo   8.K driving   9.myself and K dancing on the pier, perth   10.Beautiful Perth at night on the phone at melbourne central   12.Perth harbor lights   13.bread & olive oil   14.Photobooth Love   15. amazing performers for Japans Victim appeal, Perth  16.Sneak peak of Trisha & Filippo’s wedding shoot!

Photo by: Yours Truly & Kristo (except for the photobooth one!)

The last pic is a sneak peak of Trisha’s and Filippos Wedding. More pics will soon come.  Currently my mac is not working and I need to get a new battery for it! Its way expensive to order and also expensive to buy in bkk, which is why i’m waitn for a new one from my cuz when he gets back from chicago. Stay tuned for the photos!

Peace & Love,