Inspo Post #24 – B&W Photography

Black & White photography is on top of my ‘things i love’ list. Nothing captures feelings, emotions beauty more… Most photo are right clicked and saved from :) Enjoy!



Backstage Shots – Pavni’s & Shagun’s Fashion Show

Backstage photos I took at ‘Dream a Little Dream’ Fashion show by Pavni & Shagun.  Amazing indian designers based in Bangkok Thailand.

Location – Koi, Bangkok




Anandita – Fashion Shoot

A black and white shot I took from the fashion Shoot last Sunday. I especially love this one because all the 4 girls are looking naturally beautiful and having so much fun! This is just a sneak Peak but there’s a lot more photos to come. So stay tuned…

PS: it was the first time I ever shot photos of 4 models/people at once. Was it challenging? Yes. Will I do it again? Hells Yeah! Who doesn’t like a good fun challenge right?  I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit from this shoot. Next time I’ll do a shoot of 14 models at once  if u want!

Peace & Love


Uma Jewelry in Black & White & Nice…

1) Biwa Pearls and Crystals Necklace

2) Biwa Pearls & Crystals Necklace up close

3) Biwa Pearls & Crystals worn as bracelet; Crystals Shine Necklace

4) Vintage Inspired Pearls and Custom Pendant Necklace

Some of the latest Shots I’ve done for Uma Jewelry.

Visit Uma Jewelry on Etsy: Click Here!



Portraits, Beautiful Faces…

Portraits I took of  beautiful faces in Various Places….


Regine aka ‘Chaitale’

My friends cousin, who I found cute & stylish so I told him to pose for me

Sai- Amazing Dancer I got to shoot

M Star

Sumati Shoot – Shes also my Co Host & One of my BFFs!


Lee Lee

John – one of the coolest cats I know, not to mention the smartest!

The Beautiful Ranjene


Maya Shoot


I hope you guys enjoyed my Portraits Series. Man I love taking pictures of people. So much better then taking pictures of objects (they dont move when u tell them too!) Again, I modified these pictures into Black and White photos, I feel it portrays more feelings and emotions. By the way I havent taken out my new Canon on a date yet, so I gotta snap more pics soon! Stay tuned ;

And Pls feel free to contact me for info:


Yours Truly



Whats your msg to the world?

I took this photo during an interview/photo session of Project Misk.  This photo is of my friend JK (one of the smartest and most humble guy I know)….here he’s writing his msg to the world. Get inspired!

If you had a msg to the world, what would it be?

‘You can make a difference. None of us have reached our Potential to positively change…’



Couples Shoot – Ranjene & Luke

Yes they are a real couple, not just modelling it.  I realized now that I really love shooting couples and catching those sweet candid moments.  Had a lot of fun with these two cool cats.  Other couples out there wanna look this cool, contact me! ;)

Yours truly,