A Beautiful Function

On Monday my friend Sarina asked me to do a shoot of an Indian Prayer Ceremony followed by a dinner function with her family.  It was such a beautiful event, and I must say everyone is looking so lovely and oh so happy! Here are a few snaps :)

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Love love!


Beauty Shots for Haneen

Haneen Perfume Ad, Dubai

Model: Benish Paracha

MUA: Hilde Johansen

Photog: Yours, Diane Piroon

Shots from the Haneen Perfume ad I photographed months ago.  1 day, 3 different looks, and great fun on set! Enjoy :)

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Inspo Post #27 – Heavenly Galaxy

Images taken by yours truly! Joking, tho I wish!  But seriously tho, how amazing are these images of the galaxy taken from Nasa’s Hubble space telescope. Thru space we can see spinning spirals of the galaxies, and did you know that no two are exactly the same! Takes my breath away.  Reminds me of this quote I read once; Sometimes we get so caught up in our problems, and forget to realize how magical our universe really is!

Im also getting inspiration for a photo shoot with these images.  Something representing space, perhaps with glitter or crystals. Lets see if we can set up a galaxy themed shoot soon.

Anyways hope everyone is having a zealous sunday ! I’m off to yoga now ;)

Peace  & Love


It’s Elegantly Funky…

Handmade Jewelry that’s Elegantly Funky.  Pieces are one of a kind and not mass produced.  It’s special just for YOU…

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Jazmin Shoot

Jazmin Photo Shoot

The other week I got asked to do a photo shoot of Jazmin.  Shes a talented and gorgeous lady, and also the designer of a fine jewelry line called ‘Yasmin & Jazmin’  The photos I took of her are for their Jewelry website and will also be for the jewelry line’s press release.

Being a jewelry designer myself, it was great to meet another person with common interest!

To check out her Designs ‘Yasmin & Jazmin Click Here Yasmin & Jazmin

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Worn, Saw, Sold

Worn,  Saw, Sold

Went to dinner this weds after a day in the sun of photo shooting.  My friend Sumati noticed the charm bracelet I was wearing from my collection, ‘Uma Jewelry.’  She loved it, tried it on, and bought it on the Spot.  Another satisfied customer!  Oh it makes me so happy when people like our work <3

To view more funky  pieces by ‘Uma Jewelry’ click here: Uma Jewelry on Etsy

Trisha & Filippo’s Wedding Day

Last weekend I flew to Melbourne with K to attend Trisha & Filippos Wedding celebration, and had an incredible time.  Not to mention that the bride is one of my great friends for life!   I was more then happy to snap the beautiful moments away! And of course so happy for the Lovely Couple <3

Trisha & Filippos Wedding Day -March 26, 2011

Photos by: Yours & Kristo (except for the 2 photos i’m in)

Contact: dianepiroon@gmail.com

If anyone is getting married soon, contact me for your wedding photographer ;) I’m currently back in bangkok, but you can always fly me out to your wedding location right?


Aussie Diary

Perth & Melbourne March 2011

1.Swan Lake’s Sand Bar, Perth   2.ppl sitting and eating by the dumpsters in Degrave St, Melbourne   3. Lucy and Allen the newlyweds   4.My hand holding Kristo’s   5.Flowers in front of Kristo’s house   6.Organic banana muffines baked by yours truly!   7.Screen Print Shirt I made for Kristo   8.K driving   9.myself and K dancing on the pier, perth   10.Beautiful Perth at night   11.me on the phone at melbourne central   12.Perth harbor lights   13.bread & olive oil   14.Photobooth Love   15. amazing performers for Japans Victim appeal, Perth  16.Sneak peak of Trisha & Filippo’s wedding shoot!

Photo by: Yours Truly & Kristo (except for the photobooth one!)

The last pic is a sneak peak of Trisha’s and Filippos Wedding. More pics will soon come.  Currently my mac is not working and I need to get a new battery for it! Its way expensive to order and also expensive to buy in bkk, which is why i’m waitn for a new one from my cuz when he gets back from chicago. Stay tuned for the photos!

Peace & Love,