3 hr drive from bkk

 Hua Hin Mini Getaway…

 ‘we lose sight of the bigger picture, focus on the negative, and annoy other ppl who might otherwise help us’ – a nice touch to the resort! They leave lil quote notes everyday in the rooms for guests to read.  Sometimes we  need a break from city life, or just life in general. If you find yourself down in Hua Hin, I suggest staying at Putarachsa Resort. Its trendy, cozy, perfect…

And to everyone in Thailand now, pls stay safe and dry especially with all the storms flooding our country.  Take care!

Peace & Love

Xx, Yours


Aussie Diary

Perth & Melbourne March 2011

1.Swan Lake’s Sand Bar, Perth   2.ppl sitting and eating by the dumpsters in Degrave St, Melbourne   3. Lucy and Allen the newlyweds   4.My hand holding Kristo’s   5.Flowers in front of Kristo’s house   6.Organic banana muffines baked by yours truly!   7.Screen Print Shirt I made for Kristo   8.K driving   9.myself and K dancing on the pier, perth   10.Beautiful Perth at night   11.me on the phone at melbourne central   12.Perth harbor lights   13.bread & olive oil   14.Photobooth Love   15. amazing performers for Japans Victim appeal, Perth  16.Sneak peak of Trisha & Filippo’s wedding shoot!

Photo by: Yours Truly & Kristo (except for the photobooth one!)

The last pic is a sneak peak of Trisha’s and Filippos Wedding. More pics will soon come.  Currently my mac is not working and I need to get a new battery for it! Its way expensive to order and also expensive to buy in bkk, which is why i’m waitn for a new one from my cuz when he gets back from chicago. Stay tuned for the photos!

Peace & Love,


Rotto aka Rottness, Perth Au

Went to Rottness with Kristo Yesterday.  Amazing little Island, so peaceful and beautiful. Very different from the Tropical islands in Thailand but with a completely different appeal.  We rented bikes and rode around the island all day stopping at various beaches to tan, take pics, and tan and take some more pics.  The up hill cycling was definitely hardcore, felt like spinning class, but thats good cause I need my work out after pigging out here in oz! Here are some snaps, Enjoy! N be sure to check out Rotto (as my aussi peeps say) some day!

Peace & Love


Swamp Lands

Some Cool Shadows


Cute Restaurant Where we had our Seafood


Long Scenic Bike Ride to ‘Ricey Beach’- Being Asian I got excited thinking they’d be a rice field at the beach or something. But no. Anyways it was beautiful none the less!

Shoes off, toe in the sand, walking down the beach

Still walking…

Bike Ride with beautiful Views


Some Crazy Cat Jumping in the Middle of the Road

Pit Stop for some Food & Nourishment

Peacock Roaming the Premises- This is normal here

K walking Down the pier- Living life on the Edge here


Just Chilling by the Pier in ‘Rotto’….


Samui Thru the SLR

Last Weekend I went to Smaui (aka Paradise) for my friend’s 26th bday. Our friend Rads was kind enough to offer her place and boat for us to reside in. Honestly it was one of thee most amazing trips of my life. 8 ppl, 3 days, 1 villa, 1 yacht, oh and we found paradise! I return to bangkok feeling like this city is so small, being in the middle of the ocean u realize how huge this world is and theres so much to explore!

Heres the top 5 highlights of my trip:

1) Stayed at the 4 seasons villa- it was so beautiful

2) stayed in a yacht- amazing, imagine the breeze in your hair as it cruises down the horizon…

3) Saw Pink dolphines, white dolphins, and dolphins in general swimming by our boat

4) Slept on a yatch surround by water and islands, under a blanket of stars, and in a bay area with glow in the dark plankton and jelly fish all around us….WOW.  This world is amazing, we really gotta do our best to preserve the beauty folks.

5) spending 3 days with a group of amazing people, it had to be said cause its true

Anyways, on to the best part, Pictures!  Here are some photos I took on the trip with my canon rebel x. Enjoy….

And feel free to contact me for photography info. I’m available for all types of photography, just ask me:


Samui thru the SLR (March 2011)

Villas in Samui – Amazing

The Villa which we resided for a night & 2 days…

Pretty Golden Ornaments at the Villa

Yes the Villa had 2 pools! How much can one need?!

Just liked the color of these candel holders in the sun…

Chilling after our 6am Flite

Yacht Time…

Breath Taking….

360 degrees of breath taking mind clearing view!

The Portrait Series Begins – Kevin aka mr Red Nose

Vanessa- The Bday girl!

Mr Ty!


Sumati – my co host one of my muse!

Danish, or was I trying to get a portrait of the cham glass…?

And, Yours truly! Courtesy of Sumati for taking this pic.

Since I bought my Slr and 3 of my other friends also bought their cams, we’ve pretty much been taking over the news feed on facebook with all these pics.  I think its safe to say we made everyone filled with the desire to check out Samui. And not just for the partying and drinking, theres so much to see and do there.  Hope you all get a chance to go!

I’ll be posting pics of something else that recently  got me really excited , Stay tuned!

Now I’ll leave you all with this quote ‘There’s too much beauty in the world to stay mad’

Peace & Love,

Yours truly






D, K, Beach…

Diane, Kristo, and sunset at the beach.  Tho theres no pictures of the actual sun in this post…you’ll see it was taken during that time.  The entire atmosphere was pretty damn romantic!



Photography:  by Yours Truly & Kristo Saric

Location: Perth

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Well Have a good week everyone!

Peace & Love!


Yours Truly