Decoded Look Book Shoot

Decoded Look Book 2012

As I mentioned from the previous post, a few months ago I did a shoot for Decoded’s Look Book.  Amazing street style for him and her! I pretty much want to own everything from the female collection! Guys also look pretty hot rocking nice  jeans and funky tees! By the way, these photos were edited by my talented friend Pummie (how creative is this guy?!).

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Store location: Platinum Shopping Mall

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Girl with an Edge Photo Shoot

Photographer: Yours :) Diane Piroon

MUA: Swanti Make Up by Swaness

Model: Victoria Summer

Stylists: Diane, Vikki, Swanti (us three!)

A few weeks ago I teamed up with a gorgeously cool model, Victoria who comes from NYC, and a stylishly talented MUA Swanti.  We came up with two concepts and looks for our shoots.  If you see my previous post you’ll spot the difference; one look being more natural, while the other is amped up with an edgier feel.   We also did the styling for the shoot and basically had a blast! Wooh So fun!  This photo set is definitely more urban street style. I can see a girl rocking these looks down the streets of NYC! Hope you like the photos and do leave comments! Enjoy!

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Peace & Love


Fashion x Lifestyle

 Fashion x Life Style at Hotel Muse

Photographer: Yours :) Diane Piroon

Models: Jennifer Lo & Jake Egginton 

MUAs: Sumati Baja & Sajinee

Women’s Clothing: PAVNI & YUNA

Jewelry:  Uma Jewelry

Hope these photos make you guys get the urge to grab your significant other, go hang out at Hotel Muse, have an amazing time, and look fabulous while do so!  Jake and Jen did a great job and we all actually had so much fun on the shoot.  Laughters all around! Fashion can be intertwined with any kind of shoots, specially lifestyle (something I definately want to get into more!) So if you’re looking for a lifestyle photographer, you know who to contact! ;)


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Natural light natural beauty – Photo Shoot

Natural Light Natural Beauty Shoot

Photographer: Yours, Diane Piroon

Model: Victoria Summer Leonardo

MUA: Swant Make Up by Swaness

More to come! Honestly nothing more I love then Natural light and finding hidden spots to with the perfect shadows to snap some photos.  Of course the Mua and Model were amazing!


Diane <3

Muse it up! Photo Shoot

Jake looking good with them cheekbones!

 Just as we were warping up ,we randomly found this amazing patch of natural light! Amazing!

Modes: Jake Egginton @Area Management Bangkok & Jen Lo

Photographer & Stylist: Diane Piroon, Yours Truly

MUAs: Sumati Bajaj & Sajinee Srichawla

Women’s Apparel: YUNA, Pavni & Uma Jewelry

Location: Hotel Muse, Bangkok

Some snaps from 2 sundays ago at our Hotel Muse Shoot.  More to come!  Awesome Awesome day!  Thanks so much to the team! Hope you guys enjoy these so far ;)

And I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! What did you guys get up too?  I spent mine teaching, and frolicking in the park for my friends video shoot he did.  Stay tuned for that too! Im so excited, thanks Steve (the visionary!)