Couples Shoot Month! <3

Since Valentines day is coming and its the month of love, chocolates, flowers, candy… I thought it be appropriate to put together a little compilation of  couples shoot i’ve done!

Couples Shootby Diane Piroon
Bangkok Photographer

Couples Shoot
by Diane Piroon

Couples shoot DSC_1354DSC_1378

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Hope you guys enjoyed these pics!

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A Beautiful Function

On Monday my friend Sarina asked me to do a shoot of an Indian Prayer Ceremony followed by a dinner function with her family.  It was such a beautiful event, and I must say everyone is looking so lovely and oh so happy! Here are a few snaps :)

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Love love!


Sun Kissed in Singapore

Photos taken by myself (cept the one of me which was snapped by Tara & Sumati)

Some sun kissing and happy snapping in SG last weekend.  What’s better then having fun in the sun with your girls? N the best accessory, happiness!  This is a very natural organic shoot with no makeup, no props, just us  laughing and smiling!  BTW we had such an amazing weekend! ;) What did everyone get up to hmmm? ;)

Khao Yai Escape

 Beautiful Muhti Maya Resort in Khao Yai. Photos taken by myself, except for the last photo (b/c im in it!)  The Last photo taken by a very friendly helpful Staff na ka! :)

Twas the perfect wkend escape with my girls. Sometimes you just gotta get away from the cray cray ish of the city and unwind in the country side. ‘Unwind with Wine’ as I like to say! This little escape couldnt have come at a better at time. I think its safe to say we all needed it and feel refreshed from it! Those visiting Khao Yai, do check out the Muthi Maya resort, its beautiful!!!

N now its already another saturday! What is everyone up to this wkend? Im not working so I’ll be galavanting around the city, be out and a bout with my girls! Yay!

Peace & Love love love


Colors of Peace Video by Steve Clarke

Some still shots from ‘Colors of Peace’ video shot and edited by my talented friend Steve Clarke.  Whenever I watch MVs I’m always looking for still shots I find interesting…I’m sure my fellow photographers out there has the same habit right?  Anyways was such a fun day frolicking about at Chatuchuck Train Park, chasing butterflies, smelling flowers and definitely feeling at peace! Steve did an awesome job editing, directing, and filming! Hope you guys enjoy the Vid!

Ooh and while filming we randomly found a peace sign pin on the floor, which pretty much tied the whole concept together!

Peace peace peace & Love!


Fashion x Lifestyle

 Fashion x Life Style at Hotel Muse

Photographer: Yours :) Diane Piroon

Models: Jennifer Lo & Jake Egginton 

MUAs: Sumati Baja & Sajinee

Women’s Clothing: PAVNI & YUNA

Jewelry:  Uma Jewelry

Hope these photos make you guys get the urge to grab your significant other, go hang out at Hotel Muse, have an amazing time, and look fabulous while do so!  Jake and Jen did a great job and we all actually had so much fun on the shoot.  Laughters all around! Fashion can be intertwined with any kind of shoots, specially lifestyle (something I definately want to get into more!) So if you’re looking for a lifestyle photographer, you know who to contact! ;)


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Peace & Love


Alex – Photo Shoot

Photographer: Yours, Diane Piroon

Model: Alex Fang

Stylist: Fang and myself

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I’ve know this lad since we were 10! And now look at him! For me to start taking photos of him while he tries to pose without breaking into fits of laughter was hard for both of us!  Was such a fun day, and I got treated to a buffet dinner at oishi afterwards! Thanks buddy!

Enjoy the photos!



Shoot at Hotel Muse – Behind the Scenes

makeup makeup!  Sajinee Prepping Jen  I always have a thing for black and white shots!  Jen almost ready!  Sumati Prepping Jake our Male Model for the shoot  ‘this is how you do your makeup jake!’   who knew male models would need so much prepping ;)  Jake with the amazing bone structure, all ready!

Just some behind the scene shots I snapped at Hotel Muse Shoot last sunday.  It was definately a sunday funday!  We all had such a great time.  So excited to edit our pics and finally post them up!  Stay tuned peeps! A special shout out to my fellow photographer AJ (who took 800 shots that day!), our models Jake & Jen, the MUAs Sumati & Sajinee, plus the clothing and accessories provided by thai designers Pavni, Yuna & Uma Jewelry!



2 months ago that day

From looking at these pics one cannot tell that exact 2 months ago on Jan 11th I probably went thru one of thee most hurtful experiences of my life.  But as I’ve mentioned, when life throws you a curve ball you become better not bitter!  So on March 11th I spent that day photo shooting for my friend’s new clothing line ‘Decoded’, followed by dins & drinks with the bff Sumati @ Rainhill.  As shown in the above images, I do feel better, stronger,and perhaps even quirkier! ;)

Stay tuned for ‘Decoded’s Look book – I love all the pieces of this cool street style brand! Even scored some cool shirts from the shoot ;)

Peace & Love


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