Sun Kissed in Singapore

Photos taken by myself (cept the one of me which was snapped by Tara & Sumati)

Some sun kissing and happy snapping in SG last weekend.  What’s better then having fun in the sun with your girls? N the best accessory, happiness!  This is a very natural organic shoot with no makeup, no props, just us  laughing and smiling!  BTW we had such an amazing weekend! ;) What did everyone get up to hmmm? ;)


Colors of Peace Video by Steve Clarke

Some still shots from ‘Colors of Peace’ video shot and edited by my talented friend Steve Clarke.  Whenever I watch MVs I’m always looking for still shots I find interesting…I’m sure my fellow photographers out there has the same habit right?  Anyways was such a fun day frolicking about at Chatuchuck Train Park, chasing butterflies, smelling flowers and definitely feeling at peace! Steve did an awesome job editing, directing, and filming! Hope you guys enjoy the Vid!

Ooh and while filming we randomly found a peace sign pin on the floor, which pretty much tied the whole concept together!

Peace peace peace & Love!


Black & White & Grays….

Turning any photo into a black and white one automatically makes it ‘cooler’, dont you think?  Often I modify pics into B&Ws (lets not forget the gray too), and the whole perception of the photo can change drastically.  Here’s a few I edited below. Some were taken by me,  some were by friends, some were by strangers who agreed to take pics for us while posed and say chizu!


Bar in Bk

Photoshoot I did of Wang

Photo by Paul – Wearing BF Jeans

Dancing & Embracing

amazing painting by my brothers friend, kate

Heart – n this pic was actually taken from a BB!

Favorite Converse

Ranjene Shoot by the Train Tracks…

Random Night Snaps

Resting up after Dancing it Up!

The Shoot I Did of the 3 Bros

Girl with Nice hair!

Walking down spiraling stairs…

Dancing like no ones watching

N more dancing, n fun having!


Well I hope you guys enjoyed them! :)


Yours Truly



Couples Shoot – Ranjene & Luke

Yes they are a real couple, not just modelling it.  I realized now that I really love shooting couples and catching those sweet candid moments.  Had a lot of fun with these two cool cats.  Other couples out there wanna look this cool, contact me! ;)

Yours truly,



Lovers intertwine looking for a place to go

Photo-shoot I did of Ranjene & Carl.  These two rock and we had an awesome time.  Drenched in the sweat, out by the tracks….if it wasnt for the thirst quenching green ice tea I bought for everyone, heat stroke would have been likey.  

Anyways, my theme for this shoot is two lovers who are so involved, and just want to escape the societal norm of the ‘world’ they live in.  So the idea is to be by the train tracks, and who knows, maybe they’ll jump on. I got inspired by the the song ‘kick push’ by lupe fiasco.

Photographer & Stylist:  Yours Truly

Models: Ranjene, Carl

‘Lovers Intertwine looking for a place to go’










‘Same Girl, 2 completely different styles’

This is the  test shoots I did of Wang.  A very cute model.  One is a more innocent summery look, the other one is with a devilish angle.  I call these ones ‘angel & devil.’  We see the two sides emerge in ourselves at times right?!

Photographer & stylist: Yours Truly!

‘Cute & Innocent- Angel’




‘The Devilish Angle’