Fashion Startup

Studio Fashion Shoot Here’s a Sneak of a photo shoot I did last month for an exciting new Fashion Startup.  Was such a long but absolutely fun day! Got to help style the looks at put the oufits together as well :)  Enjoy!


2012 Photo Shoot Recap!


muse shootMuse Hotel Life Style Test Shoot

ohsosweet Uma Jewelry Look Book Shoot

421986_524707142677_1313767268_nSelf Portraits taken at beginning of the year after dying my hair from a heart break! Im all good now so yay :)

edge Girl with an Edge Shoot ft in

soft1 Natural Light Natural Beauty Shoot

pink My Breast Friend – Breast Cancer Shoot

bebe Pregnant Glow Snap with my Friend Bebe

sun Fun Sun kissed Best Friends Shoot in SG!

dj Sips & Nibbles Event, Ambar

cool Cool Cat Sessions With Lilly!

IMG_2956 Jasmine Shoot – Portfolio Updates

IMG_2249 Engagement Dinner Snaps

IMG_3822 Some Restaurant Review Pics

IMG_3833 and some more Restaurant Review Pics

IMG_3237 IMG_3310 Couples Shoot

IMG_3494  Test shooting with my Fave Model and great friend Lilly – we both love Yoga!IMG_3621 Test Shoot with Kyle S. from Area Management – One of the nicest and coolest models I’ve worked with!

IMG_4165 Pilates shoot in the park with Caitlin

559300_432778703420322_1786117224_n Hippy inspired shoot for Uma Jewelry

576606_415867228444803_513879131_n Look Book Shoot for Decoded Fashion Label

So I got to work with and collaborated with amazing friends, models, makeup artist, clients…looking forward to more photo taking in 2013!!!

Happy New Year! :)



Lilly & Steffen Couples Shoot

models couples shoot

models couples shoot

IMG_3216 IMG_3237 IMG_3270 IMG_3310 IMG_3331 IMG_3337 IMG_3339

Couples shoot I did of these two love birds.  They happen to be models and also two of my very awesome friends.  We had such a blast that day and lets just say from these photos their chemistry is blazing!

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Hope you like this setting! and sorry for being MIA i’ve been busy, but busy in a good way! also happy happy holidays to everyone!


Annie & Jasmine

 Models: Annie & Jasmine

Mua: Sumati Bajaj

Photography: Yours, Diane Piroon

Last month I did a studio shoot for Annie and Jasmine. Two adorable teenagers looking to start modeling.  After taking a few sets, we blasted music from One Direction (their favorite) and told the girls to just dance, have fun and go crazy.  Was such a fun shoot and they made me feel like a teenager again!


Behind the Scenes – Studio Shoot

Last month I did a studio shoot for two teenage girls who are starting their modeling careers.  Myself and the bff Sumati (who did the makeup) had a blast with the girls.  Here are some sneaks!

Photography by Yours, Diane Piroon

Makeup by Sumati Bajaj

Models: Annie & Jasmine

Enjoy! I’ll post some pics from the shoot soon ;)


Lost Photos from Girl with an Edge Shoot

 Model: Victoria Leonardo

MUA: Swanti Sethi

Photographer: Diane Piroon

Having used two memories cards for the ‘Girl with an Edge’ shoot I did several months ago, I  found these ones today!  Anyways pls enjoy! And you can view the rest of the photos from this set at  Girl with an Edge 

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Beauty Shots for Haneen

Haneen Perfume Ad, Dubai

Model: Benish Paracha

MUA: Hilde Johansen

Photog: Yours, Diane Piroon

Shots from the Haneen Perfume ad I photographed months ago.  1 day, 3 different looks, and great fun on set! Enjoy :)

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Styling Portfolio

(click on photos for larger views)

Suppose it comes as no surprise that I love fashion as well! So here’s a little  compilation of styling work I”ve done. If you need a fashion stylist, pls feel free to contact me: ;)