Bangkok based Freelance Photographer (also professional reflector holder!)

Available For: Fashion Photography, Portraits, Portfolio Updates, Lifestyle Shoots, Couples & Engagement Photos. Also custom Jewelry Design. Just ask me! :)

History on Your’s Truly : It took me a good  25 years to realize that one of my passions is photography.  Shortly after graduating from RMIT Melbourne with a Bachelors Degree in ‘Business Management & Hospitality”  I found my  true love for photo taking (and now  Jewelry Designing).   All those late nights in front of my laptop, cramming information on Peter Drucker and Corporate Hierarchy levels, there were no real ties to photography here.  Unless a man who resembles Peter Drucker happens to be my Muse! Oh I would not mind doing a photo shoot of that fine gentlemen.

Photography Style: Loves to capture candid moments where the lighting and composition just happens to be perfect.   When taking photos of people, I try to use very minimal editing.  My aim is to capture their beauty, personalities, their charms, moods, even their quirks!   Everyone is beautiful even without photoshopping!

Raw, Real, Funky, Edgy,  Classy Style of Photography intrigues me,  but of course I can be  versatile and adjust accordingly to what you need.  The boundaries of creativity and beauty are after all endless!

Contact: dianepiroon@gmail.com or +668 4525 1006



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  1. Nice blog, your mother’s jewelry is beautiful too.. lucky you.. you’ll always have something to shoot :)

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