Inspo Post #23 – Giving & Receiving

‘you cant receive it if you dont give it’ –  it’s really that simple. Whatever it is you want in your life, be sure to give it first. So often though we complain about why its so hard to find a guy/girl, why its so hard to fall in love, why ‘so and so’ arnt’t treating us right? Doing that is not going to help. It leads to us act in unpleasant way, therefore unpleasant energy and events  is what we’ll receive back!

We have to ask ourselves, are we giving love when we go out there?  Are we treating others right? Or are we just bitching and complaining the whole time? And by  giving love,  it’s all a bout positive actions, words, and most importantly thoughts! Also staying open minded and being accepting to new things.   If  our frame of mind is negative, we’ll see the world thru negative muggy light.  Plus all the whining and complaining is not gonna help you attract anything great now is it? It’s better to go out there, smile, start believing and doing, just a little bit each day.  Whether you want to find love, find a good job, get fit, or enjoy life, have positive genuine feelings bout those things, and I’m sure they will come. Even if its slowly, it will come surely.

I know this post was a bit long, but I’ve been reading the ‘Power of the Secret’ and it just clicked last nite. I’m gonna go out there and give lots of love too! Get ready, a hug may soon be coming to you! ;)

Xx, Yours!



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