Inspo Pot# 18 – Learn & Let Go

If the past was hurting you so much, you have to let it go. Especially if it has to do with a relationship. I know it takes time, so take all the time you need.  Learn from it, be better from it, try not to get bitter from it.  Its hard to let go cause hope is part of human nature. But once you do, something/someone better will come along.  I promise!

This is a very significant post for me.  For those who knew what happened today exactly 4 months ago,  you what I’m talking bout!  Though i’ll wont go into much detail, I still never thought i’d blog something so personal!  With 70 billion ppl in the world though, I thought what the hell! There must be others going thru the same thing and can relate! Tis life my friends!  I’ve decided today to let it all go though. Instead of having hope for the past to be a part of my life again,  my hope is now for better things in the future! Looking forwards and still believing. I hope you do the same :)

Peace & so much Love!



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