Khao Yai Escape

 Beautiful Muhti Maya Resort in Khao Yai. Photos taken by myself, except for the last photo (b/c im in it!)  The Last photo taken by a very friendly helpful Staff na ka! :)

Twas the perfect wkend escape with my girls. Sometimes you just gotta get away from the cray cray ish of the city and unwind in the country side. ‘Unwind with Wine’ as I like to say! This little escape couldnt have come at a better at time. I think its safe to say we all needed it and feel refreshed from it! Those visiting Khao Yai, do check out the Muthi Maya resort, its beautiful!!!

N now its already another saturday! What is everyone up to this wkend? Im not working so I’ll be galavanting around the city, be out and a bout with my girls! Yay!

Peace & Love love love



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