Thee Most Important Things :)

My work for Uma Jewelry & Photography – gotta love what you do!  I’ve learned that no matter how hard you try, sometimes u gotta step back and let fate play its role. I have faith in fate!  This one is just awesome! Yes YOU look beautiful today :)  One of my Fave quotes. Sometimes you gotta go thru hard times to appreciate beauty that’s on the other side :)  Friends, dunno what we’d do without each other!  A cool kind of love!  I’m talking daisies for valentines day type stuff ;) in times of doubt believe in 1 reason why it would work, and you’ll see so many more reasons that followOften we dwell on what could have been, but enjoying living today and always look forward ;)
 and of course the fam bam. though we all annoy each other at times you gotta love them!

Its the 2nd day of Thai New Years and I’m  giving myself a reminder of the most important things in life.  Some of them may apply to you too, but I’m sure it varies depending on different people.  I’m not usually one to start new things and start thinking positively just because its a ‘new year’; but coincidently it falls at the perfect time for me! Hope everyone had a wonderful Songrkran, and always remember what’s important to YOU!

Peace &Love <3



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