Muse it up! Photo Shoot

Jake looking good with them cheekbones!

 Just as we were warping up ,we randomly found this amazing patch of natural light! Amazing!

Modes: Jake Egginton @Area Management Bangkok & Jen Lo

Photographer & Stylist: Diane Piroon, Yours Truly

MUAs: Sumati Bajaj & Sajinee Srichawla

Women’s Apparel: YUNA, Pavni & Uma Jewelry

Location: Hotel Muse, Bangkok

Some snaps from 2 sundays ago at our Hotel Muse Shoot.  More to come!  Awesome Awesome day!  Thanks so much to the team! Hope you guys enjoy these so far ;)

And I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! What did you guys get up too?  I spent mine teaching, and frolicking in the park for my friends video shoot he did.  Stay tuned for that too! Im so excited, thanks Steve (the visionary!)




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