Uma Jewelry SALE on Now! <3

Purple & Blue Chunky Beaded Necklace: 25$ on Etsy

 Light Blue Chunky Beaded Necklace: 17$ on Etsy

 Gold, red & blue beaded Necklace: 17$ on Etsy

 Light Orange & Purple Twist Necklace: 13$ on Etsy

 Light brown Wooden Leaves boho Necklace: 15$ on Etsy

 Brown Wooden Leaves Boho Necklace: 15$ on Etsy

 Blue Enamel Necklae: 40$ on Etsy

 Earth Toned Stones & Crystals Necklace: 30$ on Etsy

 Semi Precious Stones and Crystal Necklace: 35$ on Etsy

 Orange Stones & Crystals Necklace: 20$ on Etsy

Leopard Print & Crystal Necklace: 15$

 Purple Stones & Crystals Necklace: 20$

 Seashell Princess Necklace: 40$

Elegantly, Funky Bold Necklaces all on SALE!  Pretty and so affordable for all the lovely fashionistas out there!  Pieces available at Uma boutique on ETSY 



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