Blind Musicians – Inspo Post #13

While running errands at Pantip today we heard thee most amazing acoustic cover of ‘Right here waiting for you’ by Richard Marx.  I even created a little scenerio in my head where I was dancing to this tune at the beach with a handsome lad.  Thinking the music was coming from speakers, little did I know it was a cover done by two blind musicians busking on the sidewalk!  The boy played on his guitar and the women sang with her sweet sweet voice (in a perfect english accent).  A little crowd formed around them naturally. People were giving them money, video tapping and taking photos of them.  They were so incredible and  tears were actually brought to my eyes.  After a song were over, my mom went up to talk to them and got a bit of their story. They are both still students  who come form Isan.  We got their numbers and I even told my friends who’s the editor of GURU Mag about these musicians so they can do a write up on them!

It takes Love and Guts to do what u love let alone perform in front of the public.  It just goes to show that no matter how you’re born, where your’re born or what circumstances you’re in, nothing should ever stop you from persueing your dreams.  If these two  musicians, Praew and Kame,  can create beautiful music without even being able to see with their eyes, you can do anything you dream of too!

I am so inspired! Arnt you? Thank you Praew and Kame, I’m sure you guys made so many people’s day :) Certainly did mine!

Peace & Love



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