Novotel Fashion Show Sneaky Peak

 Uma Jewelry!

 Mother posing with F Fashion’s logo

 ‘and then u walk to the left, then the right, and pose!’

goofing around during rehearsals..? who knows!

The Gorgeous Models & Myself – Pre Show Posing

This Saturday 4 other designers and myself got a chance to showcase our Clothing and Jewelry  Collection at Novotel Platinum.  It was an amazingly fun night & my first fashion show as well!  Surprisingly I was pretty chill and calm about the whole thing. Even when I had to go on the runway and explain my line to all the guests who came.  Fashion shows are full of madness and chaos, but I love it.  Maybe thats cause I’m  tad crazy myself, but hey that aint bad right?  I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the support  from my girls who believed in me the most and a certain boy who was once the number 1 supporter of my dreams…  I also  wouldnt be designing jewelry with my mama if it wasnt for all the stylish beautiful individuals inspiring us! Thank you thank you!

And of course thank you to the models, the mua’s, hairstylists, and Novotel for hosting the Event! You guys rock!

After the show two girls came up to me and said how much they liked the Marilyn Collection and my outfit!  It made my day and pretty much what I live for now.  For women to like our work and for customers to feel beautiful and confident wearing our pieces is incredible!

I’ll be posting more  pics soon!  Stay tuned!

Be sure to join Uma Jewelry on Facebook & check out our online store on Etsy

And for those in thailand Uma Jewelry is also sold in Sukhumvit soi 39, Madhu Boutique :)




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