Happiness – Inspo Post #8

I used to think that happiness depends merely on events, situations and people in your life . As true as that may be, we shouldnt rely on these things to make us happy. True happiness depends on YOU and the quality of your thoughts.  

Lets say you’re out at a hoppin party, but there’s someone you dont want to see there.  Maybe they’re rude, sarcastic, bitchy or something… Your worried and nervous about seeing them, so negative thoughts form regarding this person. This can rob you of the joy you should be having now don’t it?  Instead, why not choose to enjoy yourself and pay attention to the other wonderful things going on (like that cute guy/girl who just walked in the door!)  Continue to be the happy cool cat you are!  That other person doesnt control how much fun you can be having, its up to you!

My above example about a ‘party’ really wasnt that deep…apologies!  The point is, we all go through difficult experiences in ours lives but we can choose to see the brighter side of things! Focusing on the negative wont help us, in fact it will only hurt. (Trust me I know). We cant control other people, we cant control certain situations, but we can control ourselves!  Choose happiness, and once you do you’ll attract even more positive vibes and people into your life too.

Wishing you all a happy day :)

Peace & Love




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