Breast Cancer Awareness Shoot

Thanks to my friend AJ I got the chance to help do a shoot for ‘Breast Friends’-  a Breast Cancer Awareness Community in Thailand.  Instead of casting such a dark light on the subject, I wanted the photos to portray hope, strength, and strong women supporting each other.  Having a cousin passed away from the disease 2 years ago, this shoot is dedicated to her! I hope you are proud of me :) Love love always….

Enjoy the Photos everyone! Pls be sure to show your support and Join Breast Friends on Facebook HERE




2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Shoot

  1. I have a co-worker out for 2 months because she is going through her treatment. Breast cancer ran in her family so she was expecting it, that day came during Christmas week of 2011. Because she caught it early on, she is expected to bounce right back from it.

    On a not so good story, a year ago my friends boss, was feeling very sick, she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because she caught it too late, she died 3 months later. She was an attorney in her mid 30’s with a husband and 2 little kids. Can you imagine knowing you only have 2-3 month’s left to live?

    • oh im so sorry to hear that Vincent. But i do hope these photos give hope and inspiration to women. And to get regular check ups. Make the best out of everything too right. x

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