So much on my Plate,

good thing i like to eat….

I’ve been running around non stop lately.  Since I’ve been back from Oz, I dont even have time to cut my hair, or maybe I keep putting it off. The other day I noticed my hair is so damn long its passed my bosoms now.  It’s like I have three jobs these days, and thats cause I do!  After going back to full time teaching (in-order to save up  for a design course in Sydney) I’m also working on my true passions, Uma Jewelry and Photography.  Uma Jewelry is starting to pick up more and more and I’ve been getting asked to do more photography work there and here.  On top of that I also tutor on thursdays plus I try to work out at least 4 times a week (gotta stay fit yo)!  When I have time to myself I spend it worrying about what I have to do next or I spend it feeling guilty for not working! #workaholic!

If you  happen to see an asian girl teetering around in heels at the speed of that ‘meep meep’ carton character, do not get frightened by my discombobulated presence.  Simply move out of my way so I can maneuver pass you smoothly :)  Ok ok, I’m just playing, I know I need to slow down.  It finally hit me the other day when I was at the center teaching.  I was 15 mins late to class, not because I came late to work tho.  I was simply on my break and mistakenly thought I had 1.5 hr break instead of 45 mins break.  I felt so bad for being late to teach my student (shes one of my faves), but then again it could also be a blessing in disguise.  At that moment a little voice in my head said ‘Diane your doing way too much, if you keep going at this rate u mite go insane.’

In a couple of weeks tho I’ll be able to take a mini break to Perth.  Flying down unda to rejuvenate, get away from crazy bkk and also recharge!  Gonna unwind with a little bit of  Aussi wine!  When i’m back I plan on asking for less hours at the  school so I can focus more on my Jewely line and Photography, and most importantly have some ‘me time’ as well.

With that being said, here is what I learnt, ‘when you have a lot on your plate, eat slowly!’  If you eat too fast you might choke on your food and that aint pretty.  If you take too big a bite, you’ll end up feeling bloated and get indigestion.  We all know that indigestion leads to unhappiness and crackiness.  With big meals you should also take a break.  You dont have to finish the plate in one sitting, take some time to walk around or perhaps sip on wine!

For those out there hustling like I am and going at a million miles per hour, pls take some time to yourself and slow down for me ;)

Peace & Love


PS:  Feel Free to contact me for Any Jewelry or Photography work! I know I just went on about how busy I am, but when it comes to these two things, nothing makes me happier!  Its my passions. After this month, I’ll also have more time to design pieces and snap photos for you.


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