Berghs Exhibition 11-Fear of Failure

Fear of failing is something we all can relate too, specially for those embarking on a creative career.  Not only are you showing work to your close friends and family, you show it clients and to the world.  This can be quite nerve racking.  One of the first questions we ask ourselves is ‘Will they like it?’

I came across this section on  Hypebeast Online Mag regarding Berghs Exhibition. I just watched almost every single VDO  (thanks to bad internet connection I couldn’t finish them all, but I later!)  It Features clips from some of the most successful creative minds  and they offer words of advice on Fear of Failing.    Its rather amazing, and inspiring and I really hope  you guys take the time to watch it too :)

For those in Stockholm going to see this exhibition, I wish I could join you! Lucky ones you are!

PS: When I mentioned ‘those embarking on a creative career’ in the first paragraph, I don’t just  mean ‘creative’ as  in something artistic.  This can be applied to creating anything, whether its creating a financial plan, a new marketing project or maybe developing a new computer program! Its on a broader scheme folks! ;)


Yours Truly


One thought on “Berghs Exhibition 11-Fear of Failure

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