1 Year Anniversary for Uma Jewelry!

It’s been about 1 year since I’ve started Uma Jewelry with my beloved Mother.  Time flies not only when your having fun, but also when your working hard (and trying to figure out things you’ve never done before!)  I remember this time last year feeling freakishly scared to start a collection.  The idea of quitting my full time office job to start a jewelry line may have seemed crazy to some.   To be honest, it even seemed crazy to me at first.   However  my amazing friends never saw it that way.  They were never skeptical of my ideas.  In fact they told me to pursue my passions, not to care what ppl think, and most importantly they believed in me even more then I believed in myself.  AMAZING people!  3 very good friends specifically come to mind (awww!) They were there from the very start and always will be; to give me feed-backs  or tell me to chill out when I worry about  something stupid.  I hope you guys know I’m there for you and  I’ll always be the cheer leader of your dreams too.  Hey, I’ll be there for anyone who goes after their goals!  Just let me know and I’m here to support ya!

What you want in life can be  hard to achieve, but it definitely helps when you have people believing in you.

Currently our collection is being sold at Uma Jewelry on Etsy and at our studio in Bangkok.  Pieces have so far been sold to lovely customers in Thailand, Countries in Asia, USA and Australia (hoping for more to come!)  Thank you so much for liking our work, you have no idea how much it means to us! There’s  more ventures in the making but I’ll wont say what yet until its set in stone ;)  As for me I’m also back to English teaching and of course freelance photography plus Uma Jewelry.  Guess you can say I’m a tad busy…

And pls stay tuned for photos I’ll be posting up soon of the latest  Shoot.  This one is for our ‘Crystal Shine Collection’- We believe every women deserves to shine!

Peace & Love

Yours Truly


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