Rotto aka Rottness, Perth Au

Went to Rottness with Kristo Yesterday.  Amazing little Island, so peaceful and beautiful. Very different from the Tropical islands in Thailand but with a completely different appeal.  We rented bikes and rode around the island all day stopping at various beaches to tan, take pics, and tan and take some more pics.  The up hill cycling was definitely hardcore, felt like spinning class, but thats good cause I need my work out after pigging out here in oz! Here are some snaps, Enjoy! N be sure to check out Rotto (as my aussi peeps say) some day!

Peace & Love


Swamp Lands

Some Cool Shadows


Cute Restaurant Where we had our Seafood


Long Scenic Bike Ride to ‘Ricey Beach’- Being Asian I got excited thinking they’d be a rice field at the beach or something. But no. Anyways it was beautiful none the less!

Shoes off, toe in the sand, walking down the beach

Still walking…

Bike Ride with beautiful Views


Some Crazy Cat Jumping in the Middle of the Road

Pit Stop for some Food & Nourishment

Peacock Roaming the Premises- This is normal here

K walking Down the pier- Living life on the Edge here


Just Chilling by the Pier in ‘Rotto’….



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