Perth & Melbourne bound….

I’m off to Oz early monday morning.  Usually I’d be packed by now, coordinating each outfit with the right accesories & jewelry;  I’d  also have my itenerary all planned out (even though I know not everything goes according to plan)  I  just like to get a rough idea  of what  we’re going to do while still being up for spontaneous adventures here & there.  This time though, I’m not doing that at all!   But I am trying too! I’m just  throwing clothes (ok i’m still folding them up neatly ) into the suitcase, and no itenerary has been made!  This is odd for me! This month has got me feeling a little bit off center, ‘discombobulated’ you can say, due to changes and various happenings. Not to mention the distance & lack of communication from the persons I wish to talk to the most.  I think people get excited a bout  events when they talk about it more. It gives them something to look forward too and creates images in their heads that they cant wait to experience. But with little talk, it just seems surreal and I guess it hasnt sunk in for me yet. Oh well, all good tho…I gotta get excited and see the upside of down right?

Anyways, I’ll  be taking my SLR so prepare for lots of pictures! Stay tuned ladies & gents!

And I hope your having a good weekend! Hopefully feeling more centered then I am at the moment ;)

Peace & Love!


Edwin Ushiro’s Amazing art work- thought this pic was appropriate for this post



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