Quotes & Typography…

Sharing these Beautiful Typography that I’ve collected over the years.  The quotes and words for each image are pretty inspiring.  According to my previous post, guess thats the kind of mood im in! Feast you eyes and mind…

Quotes & Beautiful Typography

How can u not smile after seeing this?

Mike Giant

Always tell your inner artist this…!

I’ve once been told ‘ your strange in a perfect way’ – so i guess thats good…?

So Beautiful!

I’ve started doing this, ppl actually smile back if you look their way long enough :)

The Women

‘Words are things, and a small drop of  ink, falling like dew’

Incredible & So True – Theres So many ways to look at 1 thing

Rumi Neely if your reading this, its my msg to you! :)

‘I dreamt that I can paint u with words, but theres were no color bright enough, black or white enough, blue of green’ – Mos Def


Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.  Anyways im off to Samui this weekend, so expect to be seeing many Stupendous Snaps when im back!

Be good peepx!


Yours Truly




4 thoughts on “Quotes & Typography…

    • Thanks! I’m always looking for new inspiring typography. Just checked yours out, very cool!!! Good job ;)

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