Fave Art…

Boogie Exhibit – Beautiful Pic

Nice Quote

Japanese Artist Que Houxo

Always love…

another cool photo

Great Style, and that bike!

Photo Shoot I did of Ranjene (one of my muse!)

Reebok HK

Do it!!! at least try ;)




So true!

How life should be…

Absolute man photo spread- i just love his hair!

Chase what you love, love what you chase

By David Choe

One of the best photos ever

Something new,

Reebok Canvas

Sky’s the limit!

Guy Bourdin



Balloon girl, always hope – by Banksy


Come midnite and yours truly is wide awake. Now when its midday and im running around or gettin work done, i feel sluggish and sleepy as… Must be the December thing. With all the events and festivities, people’s body clock get out of whack.  Well since Im up I decided to clean out my desktop.  Found these amazing images and words in my ‘fave art’ folder and wanted to share. Hope you Enjoy!


Peace & Love

Yours Truly


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