Night Light…


One night after polishing off a few smoothie cocktails that Kristo and I made…I decided to teach him, Desi and Lolita how to take night time photos.  With this particular type of photo magic, you leave the shutter speed on for a quite some time (at least 10sec and up).  You then take a flashlight (dont use a lighter, u’ll hurt yoself!) and write words, images, or fatastic art if your an amazing drawer (which none of us were). You’ll need an slr or an old skool manual cam for this.

Our photos turn out to be pretty cool, despite some pics looking like it was drawn by a 5 year old. Hey, drawing with a flash light is hard!  Above are some of shots we made. Enjoy!

If your interested in photography pls feel free to contact me.  I do professional shoots as well (not just fun night time drawing ones!)

Contact Diane:

And pls dont forget to check out my Jewelry line and Photography Shops online By clicking links below!

Uma Jewelry
Uma Art


Well I off now. Take care everyone~

Peace & Love,

Yours truly


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