In front of the lens with Levis

Always the one behind the lens taking photos of amazing ppl & gorgeous models….this shoot is quite different.  This time yours truly got in front of the lens and tried to ‘work it’

It started with my search for the perfect pair of ‘Bf Jeans.’  I went to my good friend Paul for advice.  Paul sells an amazing collection of jeans.  He is starting a denim  business called  ‘Oldboy’.  The jeans range from classic to vintage denim, with such brands as Levis & Edwin.

After choosing a pair of  Classic Levis, Paul decided to do a photo shoot of me wearing them.   Now with my figure & height, I’m no means built like a model! But having worked with quite a few tall beautiful ppl, I took what I learnt form them (and from Tyra) then tried to ‘smize’ & pose away!

I hope you enjoy this series!

For info on ‘Oldboy’ denim company contact Paul Hendrix: 081 655 7264



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