Realities & Quantum Physics Theories….

‘Melbourne City Lights’

(This photos is on sale at Uma Art on Etsy!)

If quantum physics theorists are right and all the possibilities of our lives are being lived out simultaneously (were just existing in one of the realities), this means that another Me (and You) could be existing in the picture above now.   I snapped this photo a few years ago while leisurely strolling through Melbourne City.  A place I love dearly and consider a second home.  At times I wonder what it would be like if I decided to stay in Melbourne after Uni and didnt come back to Thailand…

We have moments where we wish we were  living somewhere else, doing something else, and  dare I say… some of us even wish we were with someone else (and maybe we are!)  But with that being said, we  really have to do the best with what we have now, and make our dreams become true in this reality!

Anyways….thats just what I’ve been thinking bout lately and felt like sharing. But I have to be off now folks.  Its time to go create some art!

Peace! Xo,

From Yours Truly


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