Uma Jewelry shoot

Elegant, Funky, Feminine, Unique, Classic, Bohemian….The pieces speak for itself!  Here are some necklaces from their Collection.

Contact Diane for Photography or Jewelry:

668 4525 1006

Pieces available on Etsy:

Coral Crystal Necklace

Golden Sparkle Necklace

Vintage Pearl & Crystal Necklace

Green Stones Necklace

Blue Sparkle Necklace

Earth Tone Necklace

Purple Blue Twist Necklace

Behind the Scenes Shots

Hope you Enjoyed!

Yours Truly,


4 thoughts on “Uma Jewelry shoot

  1. well, if that is you on your avatar photo (tiny one) – you’re no less pretty.

    I did check you etsy already, and Faved it too. gorgeous Elytra necklaces there – that’s how I’ve found this your blog too, through reading your Bio on etsy.

  2. That is me in the avatar, and thank you! So sweet of you.

    I checked out your shop on Etsy and loved it too! Very unique, not many people use beetle wings. If you ever want to purchase any of my pieces or want a custom made one do let me know :)

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