What I’m working towards….

This post is a little bit different folks!  Heres an insight into the dreams, goals and passions behind this girl…..

It all starts with Yours Truly…..

……gaining more knowledge & experience to become an Extraordinary Photographer………

…if I settle in bkk, continue to expand and work on Uma Jewelry  and become an extraordinary Jewelry Designer………..

alongside the above 2 passions, be a Yoga Master (obviously thats not me in the pic, but I think the ‘scorpion’ position is cool)……

I’ll  live in a city (preferably one by the river) thats full of art and culture

… and reside in a place thats trendy yet comfy…….

with my Darling….whos not Ryan Reynolds!  But he will have a 6 pack…..

….and perhaps with a dog…which we will name ‘Cat’…….

Dreams, goals, success, nothing comes easy.  But you cant stop chasing it. I hope everyone out there finds what the passion is and pursues it!  And always  remember to  follow your art, follow your heart…


Yours truly,

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