Life is beautifully twisted…..

Uma Jewelry presents the ‘Twist Set!’

Here’s the photos from the shoot I did of Tracy modeling our Twist Set pieces. Basically this design uses 2 bold colors connected at an asymmetrical angle, and then twisted before worn. I decided to call this design the ‘Twist’ because well…I think life is sometimes beautifully twisted! What I mean is that things that may seem ‘normal’ to one person, can seem completely ‘strange’ to another. I strongly believe its best to keep an open mind and realized that even though new ideas may seem strange and uncommon, that doest mean its any less amazing or any less beautiful. I hope this Jewelry set portrays that concept! Hope you enjoy it <3

Almost all the pieces are sold to customers in thailand. Available pieces are still on Etsy, so get your hands on them ;)

However, orders are always more then welcome! Just contact me!

Etsy Online Store:

Yours Truly,



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